The Gym Replacement

A multi-function backpack

The proliferation of new mobile technologies has upended the way we experience the city. People no longer rely on traditional spaces for everyday activities, leaving a vacuum of opportunity to define how and where people go about their daily routines.

As we face a deep recession while we relentlessly get deeper into a mobile digital culture, we may find a new necessity for social interaction in the physical public realm.

The Gym Replacement seeks to address these issues in the form of a swiss army knife approach to a lightweight backpack. Every joint, every space between two components has a hidden
function. Every component can be turned into something else when it mates with another.

The Gym Replacement is both analog and digital. It is cheap, utilitarian, and encourages users to combine it with others of its type to create platforms for healthy social activity. This hyperactive physical low cost product in turn has the potential to reactivate both the body and the city.

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