Rethinking BIM Site Live!

The Visual Studies course entitled “Rethinking BIM”  @GSAPP this session that I am currently helping teach (with Professor Mark Green) has a series of new student projects posted! Check it out:

See the blog here:

and see what the course is about here:

The goal of the course is to push the notion of the “I” in Building Information Modeling to a point where the information becomes knowledge or intelligence. This has been an ongoing class at GSAPP for the past few years, but this time around we are stressing a recursive workflow that pushes students to move beyond overly elastic parametric models to a point where they are forced to engage the notion of elegance, meaning that the systems developed must be critical in the way they are deployed, being able to address very well defined conditions and real world constraints rather than operating in abstraction.

A few recent student project snippets: 


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